Case Studies

That does not affect our company...everybody thinks at the first moment.

Sometimes, however, things happen that nobody would have expected. Then you should have a reliable partner by your side.

August 2017 | throughout Germany


  • Resilience and the ability to innovate is critical for every organization
  • We live in a digital and tightly interlinked economic world, a setting that makes businesses vulnerable
  • Organizational Resilience begins in the minds of the decision makers

Kids love making a house of cards when they play, it is one their favorite games, especially on weekends and holidays when it is raining. It lifts their spirit and puts them in a good mood. However, the day-to-day professional life of grown-ups demonstrates that building a house of cards is one of their favorite games too. Some companies set up…

July 2017 | Nuremberg

Awareness once again...- in the world of e-mail

  • Do not open unverified email attachments
  • Be careful with cookies
  • Don’t ever click a URL in an email unless you are absolutely certain the mail is from a reliable source.

There is no way for us to imagine a world without Awareness and Cybercrime nowadays. Hackers are incessantly coming up with new ways to harm users and corporations and get rich at their expense.

June 2017 | Nuremberg

Radiation Levels had to be measured manually – What had happened?

  • Windows computers at the plant had to be turned off
  • inspectors were forced to check radiation levels using portable devices
  • German corporations suffered the ramifications of the Trojan as well

On 27 June 2017, it happened again; a new Trojan created essentially to cause harm although everyone was still talking about “WannaCry”. That time, Chernobyl was affected too. Windows computers at the plant had to be turned off…

June 2017 | Nuremberg

Interpreters – A real Challenge for Digitalization?

  • Often there are communication gaps between business and IT
  • Establishing the demands on a software is often difficult
  • To establish the demands agile methods could be useful

“Digitalization” is the buzzword currently on everyone’s lips. There are articles appearing on this topic almost every day. However, the keynote of those articles has changed somewhat following the first wave of excitement and the initial call for digitalization…

June 2017 | Nuremberg

SCADA - The underrated hazard

  • Do you regularly carry out security and system updates?
  • Do you replace old hardware in good time?
  • Do you conduct risk assessments to check your business-critical systems for possible hazards?

We hear people saying again and again “Nobody can get into our system anyway” or “We use our own lines and cables, what’s the worst that could happen?”. But things become suddenly emotional once we scale up…

June 2017 | Nuremberg

Cybercrime - People as risk factor

  • Do you sufficiently protect the access data to your systems?
  • Do you raise your staff’s awareness for the risks of social engineering?
  • Do you have a functioning backup method for restoring data?

The global threat that cybercrime poses is steadily growing and seems hardly containable. The ever-changing hacking methods present an enormous challenge to private people for protecting their data, but that applies even more so to businesses…

Januar 2017 | Nuremberg

Ransomware WANNACRY at Nuremberg Central Station

  • The impacts of cyberattacks are becoming increasingly more tangible
  • Every link can be the gateway to a much bigger and more wicked form of attack
  • We need to learn and stop the careless clicking!

Saturday, 13 May 2017, Nuremberg Central Station. I must say, that really brought back memories. As a kid and teenager, especially in the 80s, I was an absolute railway enthusiast, and for me the place to be back then was the Nuremberg Central Station…