An example from real life

A new document management system – blessing or curse?
  • You have to determine the requirements of the relevant user groups
  • You have to select the suitable software solution
  • You need to support your staff in using new software

A new software for document management is going to be introduced in your unit. The software would make it a lot easier to manage and find documents, which in turn would save you a considerable amount of working time. At any rate, the software sounded quite useful when its introduction was announced during a team meeting last week. Unfortunately, the reality seems somewhat different. So far, not all the employees of the unit have been able to access the document management system (DMS), the system’s authorization concept is not yet fully functional, and using the software is not as easy as it sounded at the beginning either. The staff has not received any training on the system yet; merely a link to the user manual. Some of the employees have worked their way into the software on their own, and in so doing, they have learned that a few essential functions are missing. The essentials for tagging are missing for example, as a result of which documents can be stored, but it is not possible to retrieve them. The options of having processes run automatically have not been sufficiently used. All in all, the company has invested a lot money, but that has changed little to the company’s advantage.

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