The RUCON Group


  • Management systems belong to our day-to-day routine – our years of experience and comprehensive expertise in standards is your gain.
  • An entire team of experts for your management system – you can count on us to run your system professionally and take the edge off the burden on your resources.
  • Digitalization breeds opportunities – our aim is to support your business processes in the best possible way using the state-of-the-art technology.

The RUCON Group is set up as follows

Our goal is to support your business, regardless of its size and the sector it belongs to, by applying standards and agile methods in a way that they effectively help boost your company’s resilience and innovative skills – absolutely in line with Organizational Resilience.

Uwe Rühl | CEO

The RUCON Group consisting of the three subsidiaries RUCON Management, RUCON Service and RUCON System specializes in consulting, training and auditing every part of your business with regard to organizational resilience. We accomplish this resilience and build up the innovative abilities of your enterprise by introducing sensible management systems for information security, data protection, business continuity, compliance and quality, and we effectively support your company’s business processes by taking advantage of state-of-the-art technology. Sensible implementation is at the heart of this process, in addition to its incorporation in sustainable and value-adding Integrated Management Systems (IMS).

We prepare your enterprise for certification and implement the necessary processes.

We pool our competencies in a traditional consulting business. The consulting services focus on the full range of solutions in the fields of data protection, information security, business continuity, compliance and quality. We have been proactively supporting our customers for many years with the introduction of management systems and preparing them for the certification. On that account we can present an impeccable record. Every one of our customers has been successfully certified.

We develop your management system and help you to operate it proficiently.

You want to apply the resources in your management system efficiently and keep it proficient nevertheless, yet you lack a management system all-rounder? Our team of experts is at your service!

Running management systems is connected with regular tasks – it starts with conducting internal audits and continues with upgrading of documentation. We at RUCON Service help you meet these challenges by providing you with the proper services from our wide-ranging service catalogue for the various responsibilities contained in a management system. And it goes without saying that we can combine several service models if you happen to be running an integrated management system or if you simply want to enhance your existing management system.

We support you in utilizing the opportunities entailed in digitalization, so you can have your business processes run more efficiently.

There is hardly any business not affected by digitalization. However, the opportunities incorporated in this trend are often screened by its inherent risks. Many companies feel they are left on their own when facing the challenge of retrofitting their business for the digital age. RUCON System helps you discover the opportunities contained in digitalization and put them to good use. Our aim is to assist you with the potentials embedded in technology, so you can have your business processes conducted more efficiently and in the best viable manner. To that end, RUCON System relies on making use of agile methods, resources of automation and IT systems that suit the purpose.


DSMSData Protection
Management System

Ensuring data security in the entire enterprise

Also applicable as Management System (as a) Service.

ISMSInformation Security
Management System

Protecting your sensitive data against unauthorized access

Also applicable as Management System (as a) Service.

BCMSBusiness Continuity
Management System

Preventing malfunctions in your business processes from day one

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